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Diva Moms Talk Radio, co-hosted by Amanda Hamm and Tammy Munson was recently on Blog Talk Radioand the subject was about how social websites such as My Space influence on teenage girls. As the conversation got started, Tammy and Amanda did discuss how it seems fun to girls to get online at social sites, however, they may not realize the people on the other side of the screen may not be whom the girl think they are…in fact, it could be a predator to find out more personal information about them. Tammy and Amanda discussed further to talk about how this social websites don’t just effect girls but boys are targeted as well by predators. It is the parents who need to do their due deligence to observe what the kids are doing and what kind of websites the kids are involved in. There are computer software programs made with blockers however, as parents it is okay to check and know what websites your kids frequents, especially the social networking sites.
There are two different sides to this issue…some parents feel that they are being protective to know each site their kids are on and others feel that parents should give the kids a bit of freedom and allow them use their best discretion because if you “crowd” the kids, the more they will keep from you.
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Thank you to Tammy & Amanda for a great show and keep talking!


Here is another blog post that I found in regards to productivity from Laura Spencer

Her tip is really smart and useful to help create life/work balance as well.

I was tagged by Jenn Givlerand she was tagged byGillian. This was all started by the Instigator Blog to ask each of us our #1 productivity tip. Well, here is what my tip for productivity:

Make sure you have the printer full of paper, check the printer ink is not low, ensure you have pens, staples, post it notes, paper clips water at your disposal BEFORE you start your day. This will increase your productivity flow for your day because you will not need to get up several times for these items. You won’t even have to leave your office to pick them up from the local office supply store (been there, done that! – Talk about slowing down the flow of productivity).

So, now it is my turn to tag some of my friends…

    Amanda Hamm

    Tammy Munson

    Tonya Ramsey

    Beverly Mahone

I just read this blog today (well, actually I receive the rss feeds to this blog on a regular basis because it is so FULL of great information). I thought you might be interested in reading about it as well my friend, Ponn Sabra.
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I just wanted to send out a special post to all the Moms in the world – Happy Mother’s Day.

For me, being a mom is the most rewarding & challenging job I have or will ever have. My life wouldn’t be complete without my daughter being in my life. She is such a blessing and she continues to teach me everyday.

To my mom, Betty, I miss you and love you always. I wish I could have known you better but I am so thankful for the lovely memories I have of me brushing your hair at night before I went to bed. Noone can take those memories away from me. I am glad that you are looking over me from heaven.

To my (step) mom, Shirley, I thank God for you that he brought you into our lives. You helped me be the woman I am today and I appreciate you so much.

Let your mom know how much you care about her, appreciate her, and respect her everyday, not just on Mother’s Day.

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