Part 8
Link Exchange Directory
Hmmm, well this one is a bit “sticky” for me. My own rule of thumb on this one is…I only join these if I am very comfortable with the person I am linking with. You have to be sure that the people that you are linking to are legitimate and will bring value to you and vice versa.

Part 9
Search Engine Current Tips, Tools & Techniques…
Just remember to always think about what YOUR target market and how THEY would be searching for your services or products. Boy, I have to tell you there is SO much to learn in the world of SEO, so I will be looking on other blogs to gain more knowledge as well.
Well, I found one site that contained something interesting….the 8 worst SEO techniques Krissi Danielsson

Part 10
Press Release Distribution Websites
Since this original post, Ponn herself has come up with a pretty extensive list of press release submission sites, here

Part 11
Blog Directories
I believe this has to do with sites such as MyBlogLog and Blog Carnivals. For me personally, I have recently become a part of MyBlogLog and a few blog carnivals. With both of these, a tip is to join the communities or carnivals that are in your target market.
My Blog Log and Blog Carnivals are pretty easy to start, however, it is important to be sure to schedule time each week to spend on these to gain exposure and positive benefits from them.

Part 12
Link Text
When I first started blogging, I didn’t know how to do this or just how important it was to do…basically, if you give the “love” you will receive the “love” from others online. If you comment on others blogs and give credit to what they had to say, you mostly likely will receive credit, “links” to your blog as well.

Part 13
SEO Tools
If you are searching for keywords, Ponn Sabra recommends (and I have to agree with her) for searching for keywords Keyword Advisor
Another site is SEO Tools.
On this site, they offer a backlink popularity tool, a competition finder, and offers a spider test.

Part 14
Sound HTML coding practices- you can go online to do this to find good advice or ask your SEO friendly blogger and get down the basics. This helps tremendously when blogging because it will allow you to spread the exposure of others advice and add value to your blog.
Update since I wrote this: My big recommendation is going to be to download Yaro’s Blog Profit Blueprints. This is a VERY concise and easy to understand (ALSO FREE) ebook or report that helps the newbie blogger to know how to make money online from blogging.

Part 15
Image Optimizations
This one is very new to me, although I think I know what I need to do. I haven’t mastered this skill yet but I think it is simple (someone can correct me if I am incorrect)…you just would save a image file on your computer and then paste the link into your post for your blog entry.

Also, in the midst of doing this SEO marathon, I found another great advice FREE e-course , 10 days to a better blog, that I am submitting to…giving by Wendy at eMoms at Home. Hey, there is always more to learn, right?