This is a lesson and action that you (the small business owner) can do to actively visualize the blessings in your life. Recently, the University of Prosperity (teaching about Laws of Attraction) had granted me a free scholarship to one of their classes. The choice between Tonya Ramsey (Self Image coach), Kim Emerson (Law of Attraction Leader), Barb Demarsis (Parenting Coach) or Jenn Givler (Business Coach).
The decision, while a difficult one, because each of these coaches offer effective coaching systems; I ended up choosing Kim’s class since the Laws of Attraction are fairly new to me.
During one of the first classes, Kim went through an exercise that really got my attention and she asked us to participate in doing this activity for the next week. She mentioned that we needed to write down the blessings we receive whether it be finding a penny on the ground to receiving a new client. She suggested to take a small memo pad and be sure to write down these blessings in the pad. The list, a reminder of the blessings in our lives, especially when things are not going as well as we may feel they should be going. We need to be reminded of all the blessings in our lives, because we tend to dwell on the negative in our lives and forget the positive too quickly.

Below is a little bit of my rather WONDERFULLY long BLESSED list for this week:
1)Found 24 cents in my closet
2)Received “just thinking about you” e-card from a friend I have not talked with in a few months
3)Mom & Dad stopped by to see us unexpectedly (nice time)
4)Got cookies from a friend in the mail
5)Won a prize for an commercial ad done by Rebecca White at an online networking event
6)Gave my brother option for an issue and it allowed him to find a solution
7)Received email from my niece
8)Invited to be added as a friend on another blog
9)Received special gift from my brother
10)Didn’t have any phone calls for the holiday…so I was able to enjoy the holiday better
11)Asked to be a part of new online networking group

I hope that you will try this easy but very effective tool that will help you become more positive in your business and personal life.
Be sure to go to the University of Prosperity and read up about what these ladies have to teach regarding the Laws of Attraction.