Part 6

    Social bookmarking

…there is some controversy on this topic and whether or not it is a good idea to get involved with these types of sites because the “down side” is that is invites spammers “access” to your blog or website. As for social bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, are different than social networking sites like LinkedIn, MySpace or Ryze. MyBlogLog is in its own category of Blog specific social media/networking/posting sites, with BlogCatalogue and GoodBlogs as its counterparts.
All 3 kinds serve different purposes, but in the end they are places to network and build communities to drive traffic to your interests, wants and your business (products and services). All I can say is that my personal experience with places like these, whether it be at social networking sites like Ryze, Linkedin, Yahoo groups OR social bookmarking places such as MyBlog Log or Stumble—I have found it is one of great ways to gain business connections and friendships develop. I would like to also reference a recent online to do list that I was a part of that may help Wendy Piersallof eMomsatHome, started this To Do List project and part of the list is about social bookmarking. I have recently become a member of Stumble Upon and from my brief experience, it seems pretty easy and I look forward to the benefits of gaining more visitors to my blog/website. One of the key points she makes is to be active on the site and ask your online friends who are members questions to help.

Part 7

    Setting Blog Traffic Goals and Meeting Them

– Now, this is something that I started and I am following others footsteps to achieve this. For instance, that is why I am completing this SEO challenge for my blog. I am learning a lot as I am doing these things and offering value to my blog by giving others my advice about my experience. I am following others I admire and becoming a part of the blogs/groups/communities that they are a part of in order to learn what they have done. For instance, Ponn suggested to me that I sign up to Yaro’snewsletter – already did it (and boy, I am glad I did–great information). I realize that I may not be able to do everything at the speed that someone else may have, however, at least I am actively moving in the right (increasing exposure) direction. As you are reading this, I just noticed thatPonn had added another post challenging others to Steven’s blog by following his post on how to increase RSS subscribers to 500 in 1 month!

One of the things that I have learned by this challenge is to find who knows who and follow their path and read up on their information and see what the consensus is among them.