I am writing this post as a congratulations to a beautiful and successful best selling author, The Baby Boomer Diva, Beverly Mahone. She is the author of a wonderful inspirationally humor filled book called, “Whatever! A Baby Boomer’s Journey into Middle Age”. You can pick up you own copy here

I have to tell you that I had won a copy of Beverly’s book at a online women networking chat and at first, even though, I was excited to have won the prize, I wasn’t sure if I was the proper person to have won such a prize. See, I am only 35 (not quite yet a baby boomer). When the book arrived, I loved the graphics and book cover. I was excited to receive something by Beverly because I was a fan of hers. So I thought I would read a few pages to get a feel for HOW she writes. Well….
I couldn’t believe it…I could relate to SO much in this book. And the way she wrote the book was amazingly done…with humor but also highlighting her strong faith in God was priceless. I began telling my friends about this book because even though most of them were not baby boomers yet either, I told them it was a must read because of topics that ANY working mother can easily relate. In this book, Beverly talks about sexism in the workplace, trying to compete with others, being a working mother while trying to raise a child, relationship issues, self image, and conquering self doubt. Every women (including work at home moms) entrepreneur can relate to these things and it is a great “pre-menopausal” guide for women. So be sure to pick up your own copy here