Okay, this part was a bit more challenging…let me explain what I mean by that statement.

Oh, if you are reading this post before you read the part 1…let me tell you what is happening. See, I am challenging myself to follow the SEO marathon posted by Power Networker, Ponn Sabra.

For Part 2, Ponn had suggested to add these two things: Subscription Feeds and Bookmark Tabs. She mentioned that she found it easy to do by following, John’s post. Well, I followed his instructions and unfortunately for me I don’t seem to be able to add this to my sidebar?? Any help here, would be appreciated. But at least, I tried.

Since Part 2, didn’t work (at least for now)…I continued to Part 3. This piece talks about article submissions and about one of my favorite subjects…writing. Ponn had written originally that she had only submitted articles to Ezine articles and recently she had done another comparison of two article submission sites that she has tried – read her post about Submit You Article.com and Article Hut.com.
I have about 6 articles already written so my next order of business is to submit them to ezine articles (will be doing this by next week) and then I will probably go to Submit your article.com as well (Ponn did it-so I will follow her lead). I have heard a lot of good things about LadyPens.com as well so that will probably be my 3rd choice.

Whew…I am well on my way…3 down…just 12 more to go…stay with me.