Starting May 26th, I will be recording my daily posts in regards to following the SEO tips marathon from Power Networker, Ponn Sabra

She conducted her own SEO marathon and once I realized that I needed to do most (really it was all) of these things for my business, I decided to challenge myself to complete her list. So I am going to start with number one and work my way to the end.

So here goes…

The first thing that she mentions is her google rank and her alexa ranking. So, that is just what I did. I am getting Key Business Partners to just become listed without the part. The reasoning is because I believe right now I am not receiving any Google Page Rank however, that will shortly change. (keep a look out). Alexa ranking is 7, 213, 336, however I don’t think that’s too bad considering, the blog has only been up for less than a month. The next part of the first was to go to Text Link Brokers and follow the five steps to a perfectly optimized page.
Step one – Know your niche. I have found that some business owners who have not been successful in doing this step. I can understand that when you are new in business you feel they want to target and be able to service anybody and everybody with your products, however, no one company can do this alone so it is best not to try. On the Text link brokers blog, they further explain that it is important to be as detailed as possible in this step. this is true – have a clear picture of what your ideal client or customer is i.e. where they live how kids do they have held to the kids how the pets to the have what is there and come do they have pets will kind of pets. The reason why this step is so at present is because it allows you to concentrate your efforts towards the people who are looking for your product or service and not to the people who do not wish most likely to use or what your service. Well, this is not an exact science however it just allows you better focused effort for your business. Once I narrowed it down, it made much easier to gain customers .
Step two- Finding the correct key words
once you’re done with Step 1, this step will be a lot easier. These days there are tools to help you find the most “profitable” keywords for your business. Such tools as word tracker and Digital point are just a few. In this process it is best to take out a blank sheet of paper to start writing down a list of words that are associated with your business and look that up the of the keyword search tool. Don’t be afraid to give a couple hundred words to start. I relate this to what writer does who would have ideas about books to write. This is just like a brainstorming session – it allows you to get all the thoughts down on paper the key word research tool allows you to know which words and or phrases hold more weight than others. Remember these keyword search tools are only an approximation to the popularity of a word or phrase. They are pretty accurate but I would not say there are 100 percent, right on the dot. I had done a step and although, it does take a while, by doing this, again, it has helped my business tremendously.
Step 3 – Next, is to write your content for the website. He defined your keywords with your writing however don’t just write for keyword sake but write to your customers and what they can gain from visiting your site. I will say that I am in the midst of doing this, as my site is being created.

Step 4 is to optimize your pages. This correlates with Step 3 because if you are using your keywords in the content of your pages, your pages should be optimized effectively. In the step, the Text link brokers talk about the description tag and the key words tag. For the description tag, be sure that it describes your business in a few words. For instance, if you are a florist, you don’t want to be in about cakes. For the keywords tag, just be sure to put in your keywords– I would say your top 10 keywords (I believe there is a maximum – but I don’t know what this is). I have some keywords for my blog, however,once this becomes a website, this will be completed.
Final Step – 5 – Writing a title tag. I know that I mentioned that there was some debate about meta tags however, the tile tag has been noted to be important as far as tags go for website. There isn’t a debate that this tag is important.

I hope that this has been helpful to some…I am going on the part 2…stay tuned.