I am here to tell you about the ultimate time management system that I found out about 3 months ago. I metAnn Rusnak aka, The Time Diva, at a online networking event at WECAI (by the way, I highly recommend everyone to join WECAI aka Women’s eCommerce Association International). There was abit of time for networking after the guest speaker for the day was done so we went around and introduced ourselves. As I mentioned above, Ann had introduced herself as The Time Diva and started to tell us about her book, Thinking Outside the Clock. Well, the first thing I thought of was, I loved the title of the book…quite clever. Then she continued to tell us about how her system was especially created for the solo entrepreneur and went against traditional time management because by following that mentality it was making things worse for the solo entrepreneur. This further intrigued me because I felt she was definitely onto something. For me, she was a writer and author of a book and that is always an interest to me. So I contacted Ann to see when I could talk with her about experience with writing her book. While we talked, she told me that she was currently having a special rate on her Focus 20 Success Club and I jumped at the chance to become a part of this group and build my business while taking me time off. That is what got my attention…it just didn’t seem possible—make more money by taking more time off?? I have been in the club now for 2 months and I am seeing major positive changes in my business.

In fact…
I will be starting to chronicle my journey through the club and Thinking Outside the Clock system… so stay tuned.

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