On May 22nd, Wendy from eMomsatHome sent out a To Do List project. She was asking her online colleagues to join in finding out the answers to some of her questions. Of course, I can’t forget to give gratitude to Ponn Sabra of Empower Women Now, for telling me about this great project.

So, I took a look at the list and decided to tackle #19, conducting and training on teleconference system.

The system that I am the most familiar with is Free Conferencing Live Office, here are the benefits that I found out:

1. It is FREE! Of course, you have to love that. But that is not all…keep reading.
2. You can use the line as much and as often as you like.
3. There can be up to the maximum of 250 people per conference call.
4. Each call is limited to 6 hours per call.
5. Calling cards are allowed to be used for these conference calls.
6. Calls can be recorded AND downloaded as an MP3 that you can post on your site or anywhere on the web. ***Additional info (updated June3rd) It is very easy to save the recorded mp3 file from your teleconference–the file is automatically saved as an mp3 so you don’t have to worry about that. Once the file is created, you would go into your account at Live Office and right click save “link as” and then you can save to a folder on your desktop.
7. This is not an internet service like Skype, it works off of the phone line so you can do other things while on the conference call.
8. Free Conferencing Live Office also offers video and web conferencing plus toll free conference call services.
9. You can have a guest speaker use a special code to participate on the call with you.

How to Get Started:

Go to Free Conferencing Live OfficeFree Conferencing Live Office and enter your name and email and you get instant access to your account. You are then given a bridge number and pin number to your account for security purposes.

Once your account is set up, you can enter your bridge number and pin and then you would click on a part labeled web manager.
The wonderful thing about this system, is that once on the call as the moderator you can see the following things via your monitor
*Who is on the call
*When they arrived on the call
*When someone has a question
*You can see if a person is muted
*You have the control to start/stop recording when you wish