I just wanted to comment on something that I am particularly interested in —mainly because it is part of my business – press release submission sites.
Well, I have found a fantastic list of press release submission sites categorized by Google page rank and if they are free or fee based.

Yes, I have become a big fan of Ponn Sabra. And she has once again come through with more great information. She is going to be updating the list periodically, so it would be a great idea to check back to her
Empower Women site
I will tell you that I have tried many of these sites and I have received pretty good response from them…even the free ones.
One of the biggest things, in my opinion to remember:
The initial objective of press releases are for you to allow others to know about what you are doing in your business…not to expect sales right away in response to your press releases. I will give you a perfect example of how, in time, press releases can have a wonderful benefit to your business. About 2 years ago, I had started sending out press releases for my husband’s offline floor cleaning and restoration business. (That can begin a whole new subject…how beneficial are online press releases for a OFFLINE business?) Well, as my story will show you, for my husband’s floor cleaning and restoration business, submitting the online press release has come to full circle…his floor cleaning business, Morr Services, Inc. is going to be featured in a local industry magazine. Now, the interesting part of this story (not a coincidence, because I did work and submit the press release), is that this was done about 2 years ago…and the magazine editors called US about 3 weeks ago telling us they would like to feature his business in their magazine. They interviewed us AND are displaying photos with the interview of his work. Talk about wonderful FREE publicity. So even the FREE press release submission sites, CAN work. Now, that I am “armed” with this list, it only encourages me to submit to more of them, although, not all.