By Wikipedia definition, web widgets are embedded chunks of code within a HTML page or webpage.

By Wikipedia definition, a plugin, is a “add on” to a computer program such as Adobe Photoshop or Java. Plugins are dependent on these services provided by the main application and do not usually work by themselves.

By Wikipedia definition Extensions are a bit different from plugins. The main difference is that plugins generally rely on the main application’s user interface and have a well-defined boundary to their possible set of actions. Extensions generally have fewer restrictions on their actions, and may provide their own user interfaces.

As I am a fan of wordpress, I have found a new plugin that I will be installing to my blog tomorrow and it is appropriately named Be Nice

Here are the Installation Instructions

* Unzip the downloaded package and drop the Be-Nice folder in your WordPress plugins folder
* Log into your WordPress admin panel
* Go to Plugins and “Activate” the plugin
* A new tab appears under Plugins, labelled Be Nice! Select this.
* Change the default colours for the Be Nice Google advert
* Add any additional Be Nice codes (optional)
* Save changes

You need the add the Be Nice Google ad to your site to start supporting developers.

If you use widgets, you can drag and drop the Be Nice! widget onto your sidebar directly.

Also, be sure to check out my friend, Power Networker Ponn Sabra and her awesome post regarding

So do you have a favorite widget or plugin to talk about? Or maybe there are ones that you have tried and don’t like….share with me in the comments below.