I was tagged by Jenn Givlerand she was tagged byGillian. This was all started by the Instigator Blog to ask each of us our #1 productivity tip. Well, here is what my tip for productivity:

Make sure you have the printer full of paper, check the printer ink is not low, ensure you have pens, staples, post it notes, paper clips water at your disposal BEFORE you start your day. This will increase your productivity flow for your day because you will not need to get up several times for these items. You won’t even have to leave your office to pick them up from the local office supply store (been there, done that! – Talk about slowing down the flow of productivity).

So, now it is my turn to tag some of my friends…

    Amanda Hamm

    Tammy Munson

    Tonya Ramsey

    Beverly Mahone