Part 8
Link Exchange Directory
Hmmm, well this one is a bit “sticky” for me. My own rule of thumb on this one is…I only join these if I am very comfortable with the person I am linking with. You have to be sure that the people that you are linking to are legitimate and will bring value to you and vice versa.

Part 9
Search Engine Current Tips, Tools & Techniques…
Just remember to always think about what YOUR target market and how THEY would be searching for your services or products. Boy, I have to tell you there is SO much to learn in the world of SEO, so I will be looking on other blogs to gain more knowledge as well.
Well, I found one site that contained something interesting….the 8 worst SEO techniques Krissi Danielsson

Part 10
Press Release Distribution Websites
Since this original post, Ponn herself has come up with a pretty extensive list of press release submission sites, here

Part 11
Blog Directories
I believe this has to do with sites such as MyBlogLog and Blog Carnivals. For me personally, I have recently become a part of MyBlogLog and a few blog carnivals. With both of these, a tip is to join the communities or carnivals that are in your target market.
My Blog Log and Blog Carnivals are pretty easy to start, however, it is important to be sure to schedule time each week to spend on these to gain exposure and positive benefits from them.

Part 12
Link Text
When I first started blogging, I didn’t know how to do this or just how important it was to do…basically, if you give the “love” you will receive the “love” from others online. If you comment on others blogs and give credit to what they had to say, you mostly likely will receive credit, “links” to your blog as well.

Part 13
SEO Tools
If you are searching for keywords, Ponn Sabra recommends (and I have to agree with her) for searching for keywords Keyword Advisor
Another site is SEO Tools.
On this site, they offer a backlink popularity tool, a competition finder, and offers a spider test.

Part 14
Sound HTML coding practices- you can go online to do this to find good advice or ask your SEO friendly blogger and get down the basics. This helps tremendously when blogging because it will allow you to spread the exposure of others advice and add value to your blog.
Update since I wrote this: My big recommendation is going to be to download Yaro’s Blog Profit Blueprints. This is a VERY concise and easy to understand (ALSO FREE) ebook or report that helps the newbie blogger to know how to make money online from blogging.

Part 15
Image Optimizations
This one is very new to me, although I think I know what I need to do. I haven’t mastered this skill yet but I think it is simple (someone can correct me if I am incorrect)…you just would save a image file on your computer and then paste the link into your post for your blog entry.

Also, in the midst of doing this SEO marathon, I found another great advice FREE e-course , 10 days to a better blog, that I am submitting to…giving by Wendy at eMoms at Home. Hey, there is always more to learn, right?

This is a lesson and action that you (the small business owner) can do to actively visualize the blessings in your life. Recently, the University of Prosperity (teaching about Laws of Attraction) had granted me a free scholarship to one of their classes. The choice between Tonya Ramsey (Self Image coach), Kim Emerson (Law of Attraction Leader), Barb Demarsis (Parenting Coach) or Jenn Givler (Business Coach).
The decision, while a difficult one, because each of these coaches offer effective coaching systems; I ended up choosing Kim’s class since the Laws of Attraction are fairly new to me.
During one of the first classes, Kim went through an exercise that really got my attention and she asked us to participate in doing this activity for the next week. She mentioned that we needed to write down the blessings we receive whether it be finding a penny on the ground to receiving a new client. She suggested to take a small memo pad and be sure to write down these blessings in the pad. The list, a reminder of the blessings in our lives, especially when things are not going as well as we may feel they should be going. We need to be reminded of all the blessings in our lives, because we tend to dwell on the negative in our lives and forget the positive too quickly.

Below is a little bit of my rather WONDERFULLY long BLESSED list for this week:
1)Found 24 cents in my closet
2)Received “just thinking about you” e-card from a friend I have not talked with in a few months
3)Mom & Dad stopped by to see us unexpectedly (nice time)
4)Got cookies from a friend in the mail
5)Won a prize for an commercial ad done by Rebecca White at an online networking event
6)Gave my brother option for an issue and it allowed him to find a solution
7)Received email from my niece
8)Invited to be added as a friend on another blog
9)Received special gift from my brother
10)Didn’t have any phone calls for the holiday…so I was able to enjoy the holiday better
11)Asked to be a part of new online networking group

I hope that you will try this easy but very effective tool that will help you become more positive in your business and personal life.
Be sure to go to the University of Prosperity and read up about what these ladies have to teach regarding the Laws of Attraction.

Diva Moms Talk Radio, co-hosted by Amanda Hamm and Tammy Munson was recently on Blog Talk Radioand the subject was about how social websites such as My Space influence on teenage girls. As the conversation got started, Tammy and Amanda did discuss how it seems fun to girls to get online at social sites, however, they may not realize the people on the other side of the screen may not be whom the girl think they are…in fact, it could be a predator to find out more personal information about them. Tammy and Amanda discussed further to talk about how this social websites don’t just effect girls but boys are targeted as well by predators. It is the parents who need to do their due deligence to observe what the kids are doing and what kind of websites the kids are involved in. There are computer software programs made with blockers however, as parents it is okay to check and know what websites your kids frequents, especially the social networking sites.
There are two different sides to this issue…some parents feel that they are being protective to know each site their kids are on and others feel that parents should give the kids a bit of freedom and allow them use their best discretion because if you “crowd” the kids, the more they will keep from you.
If you would like to hear the full show, a href=”″>Click Here!
Be sure to check out the Diva Mom Talk Radio each Tuesday at 2pmEST.
Thank you to Tammy & Amanda for a great show and keep talking!

Part 6

    Social bookmarking

…there is some controversy on this topic and whether or not it is a good idea to get involved with these types of sites because the “down side” is that is invites spammers “access” to your blog or website. As for social bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, are different than social networking sites like LinkedIn, MySpace or Ryze. MyBlogLog is in its own category of Blog specific social media/networking/posting sites, with BlogCatalogue and GoodBlogs as its counterparts.
All 3 kinds serve different purposes, but in the end they are places to network and build communities to drive traffic to your interests, wants and your business (products and services). All I can say is that my personal experience with places like these, whether it be at social networking sites like Ryze, Linkedin, Yahoo groups OR social bookmarking places such as MyBlog Log or Stumble—I have found it is one of great ways to gain business connections and friendships develop. I would like to also reference a recent online to do list that I was a part of that may help Wendy Piersallof eMomsatHome, started this To Do List project and part of the list is about social bookmarking. I have recently become a member of Stumble Upon and from my brief experience, it seems pretty easy and I look forward to the benefits of gaining more visitors to my blog/website. One of the key points she makes is to be active on the site and ask your online friends who are members questions to help.

Part 7

    Setting Blog Traffic Goals and Meeting Them

– Now, this is something that I started and I am following others footsteps to achieve this. For instance, that is why I am completing this SEO challenge for my blog. I am learning a lot as I am doing these things and offering value to my blog by giving others my advice about my experience. I am following others I admire and becoming a part of the blogs/groups/communities that they are a part of in order to learn what they have done. For instance, Ponn suggested to me that I sign up to Yaro’snewsletter – already did it (and boy, I am glad I did–great information). I realize that I may not be able to do everything at the speed that someone else may have, however, at least I am actively moving in the right (increasing exposure) direction. As you are reading this, I just noticed thatPonn had added another post challenging others to Steven’s blog by following his post on how to increase RSS subscribers to 500 in 1 month!

One of the things that I have learned by this challenge is to find who knows who and follow their path and read up on their information and see what the consensus is among them.

Self Esteem Coach, Tonya Ramsey launches an hour long online gathering allowing moms to take a coffee break

Owner of Life by Design and Self Esteem coach, Tonya Ramsey, will be debuting “Mom’s Coffee Break” on Friday, June 1st. This will be a biweekly online gathering for moms taking place on the 1st and 3rd Fridays at 10amCST for 1 hour.

Mom’s Coffee Break will highlight a topic on women interests and an honorary featured sponsor will be available at each gathering.

For the launch of Mom’s Coffee Break, the topic will be on overcoming self sabotage and the featured sponsor is, Tally Green of Gano Excel Healthy Coffee.
Ramsey provides group and individual coaching for women because it is her passion and purpose in life to assist women in helping them realize their potential and ability to accomplish their business and life goals.
Ramsey is an avid student of the laws of attraction and recently started as an instructor at the University of Prosperity to allow others to bring the laws into their lives to bring them to the life they desire. Ramsey currently lives in Wisconsin with her husband and 2 ½ yr old son. She is also a part time student at the University of Wisconsin working towards the completion of a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor of women studies.
As a work at home mother herself, she realizes the struggles and achievements of working at home however, Ramsey says “I look at my son, and I see all the possibilities that this world has to offer.”

Here is the next step in the SEO challenge that I have accepted for myself to accomplish from Empower Women Networker, Ponn Sabra. I am doing great and now about 1/3 of the way done!Woohoo!
Part 5 is all about RSS feeds for my blog.
There are 4 parts to this —well, actually 5, so we are off…
1. Team blogging – This mean to get another person or even a couple of people to blog with and share the “blogging responsibilities”. Another example I have seen of this is from Gillian Hood Gabrielson, on her blog, she had a client post about her experience being in Gillian’s program. I need to find some another virtual assistant or even a online entrepreneur to team blog with.
2.. Ponn gives mention about Lynette’s blog about replenishing RSS feeds. Lynette created a great mini-podcast …only about 5 mins and VERY well worth it to listen to…
[I am planning on syndicating my blog right away…I thought it was already done but looking at it…it is not done?
3. Conducting MINI audio or podcasts…G.R.E.A.T idea! So if you are really new to podcasting or just don’t have a lot of time…just do mini podcasts (about 2-3 minutes but the important thing in doing this is be sure you add VALUE to the blog in the podcast and then you can put them together at a later date and turn it into a full podcast (states Lynette)
[My idea is to have it have interviews of others and them asking them to interview me as well]
4. Automate your blog- This is so easy to do and one of the best things I really enjoy about blogging. I like to write about 10 blogs and then post them over several days which gives me time to …well, of course, write more posts.

Wow, that wasn’t too tough.
I still do need to do some of these things…especially get into the team blogging and the syndicating my feeds, even for my articles. And, I will shortly be doing the audio or podcasting….minis and regular length.

Hey, is there someone who would be interested in team blogging with me? Comment below because they would be a great help to me and you.

I have to say…completed 1/3 of this SEO marathon by Ponn Sabra and I am very glad that I took this upon myself to do because there are some great basic things that I just “forgot” about or didn’t even realize where simple things to do to boost my blog.


I am writing this post as a congratulations to a beautiful and successful best selling author, The Baby Boomer Diva, Beverly Mahone. She is the author of a wonderful inspirationally humor filled book called, “Whatever! A Baby Boomer’s Journey into Middle Age”. You can pick up you own copy here

I have to tell you that I had won a copy of Beverly’s book at a online women networking chat and at first, even though, I was excited to have won the prize, I wasn’t sure if I was the proper person to have won such a prize. See, I am only 35 (not quite yet a baby boomer). When the book arrived, I loved the graphics and book cover. I was excited to receive something by Beverly because I was a fan of hers. So I thought I would read a few pages to get a feel for HOW she writes. Well….
I couldn’t believe it…I could relate to SO much in this book. And the way she wrote the book was amazingly done…with humor but also highlighting her strong faith in God was priceless. I began telling my friends about this book because even though most of them were not baby boomers yet either, I told them it was a must read because of topics that ANY working mother can easily relate. In this book, Beverly talks about sexism in the workplace, trying to compete with others, being a working mother while trying to raise a child, relationship issues, self image, and conquering self doubt. Every women (including work at home moms) entrepreneur can relate to these things and it is a great “pre-menopausal” guide for women. So be sure to pick up your own copy here